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Northern Raja Ampat Liveaboard Tentative Itinerary

Day One: Sorong
Wait in the hotel lobby at 10am for our friendly crew will greet you with a cold refreshing towel and drink. This will be followed by cabin allocation and boat orientation. When all guests are on board the Cruise Director will give you a presentation about the boat and diving recommendations. Depending on departure time they maybe an opportunity to have a check dive just outside Sorong Harbour. Lunch and dinner will be served during the sail out to Raja Ampat (08hrs)
Day Two: Dampier Strait
The guests’ first dive is a check dive, Mioskon Island is a great place to do this and still be a world class dive. Here the guests can get comfortable with their equipment, buoyancy and refresh some basic skills. The Dampier Strait area has some of the most action packed diving in Raja Ampat and guests can see fish, fish and more fish but it is also the area where the saying ‘No Current = No Fish’ originated from. There are many dive sites to choose from but Cape Kri, Chicken + Sardine Reef, Mikes Point and Mioskon are definitely on the schedule
Day Three: Penemu Islands
Fantastic examples of Raja Ampats diversity. The Penemu Islands are presently a new Marine Protected Area (WWF). We shall dive at Reef Bayanggan, Melissa’s Garden which has probably the best complete coral coverage you will ever see and Kerunemo Adik. After your third dive we will take you on a tour of The Hidden Bay (includes a trek up Penemu Hill for the amazing views of The Hidden Bay)
Day Four: Kawe Islands and Aljui Bay
After your tour of The Hidden Bay we set of for a 12hr drive up to the north of Raja Ampat and dive around the Kawe Islands and Aljui Bay. The entire Aljui Bay has been leased out by Atlas Sea Pearls and the dive sites include White Arrow, Tear Drop Corner and the infamous Cendana Pearl Farm Jetty. It is also possible to tour the pearl farm
Day Five: Yanggefo
After a 12hr drive back down to the south / middle of Raja Ampat we will dive at Yanggefo. Here we will dive Mayhem, Citrus Ridge and Gam Ridge followed by some snorkelling in the mangroves looking for the Archer Fish and seeing the unique corals that grow in front of the mangroves (normally corals grow 100m plus away from the mangroves), followed by a night dive at either of the ridges, we will overnight in the mangroves
Day Six: Arborek
Our morning dives are at Manta Sandy where there is a manta ray cleaning station and we see both Black / White and the all Black Manta Rays come to be cleaned. This famous site now has a line of dead coral where guests line up and watch the show. Third dive is a beautiful coral / fish dive close to Arborek Island where guests can also have a sun set walk on the beach before the fourth / night dive at the village jetty

Day Seven: Dampier Strait
Finishing off your great trip with two shallow dives around Sardine and Chicken Reef before returning to Sorong     
Day Eight: Sorong         
After breakfast the Cruise Director will escort the guests to either the airport / hotel and will assist with checking in. 
*Cruising itineraries and daily programs are subject to change due to weather / sea conditions and dive site / anchorage availability. Every effort will be made to complete the program as planned and the Cruise Director will update the guests at meal times*  
* We strongly advise you to bring your own dive equipment for comfort and familiarization.   The liveaboard has a strict NO GLOVE POLICY

Please Note That All Guests Must Have Dive Accident / Evacuation Insurance.  CLICK HERE to go to our home page to get DAN coverage.
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