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Gear Servicing

Scuba Equipment
Scuba Equipment


We have certified technicians in-shop who will complete your annual maintenance, inspection, and required regulator repairs


Visually inspect your regulators including hoses, connections, and purge for primary and octopus.

Follow your manufacturer's guidelines/requirements, however, most require the following:

  • Inspection  annually, or if you notice leaks

        or a change in performance.

  • Serviced every other year or 100 dives, whichever comes first.

We service most brands.  

Scuba Oxygen Tank


We sell, rent, inspect and maintain aluminum and steel scuba cylinders.  We do not fill or inspect paint-ball cylinders.

On-staff we have five PSI/PCI Certified Cylinder Inspectors, and our Operations Manager is a Certified Fill Station Operator.

Tanks should be professionally visually inspected every year, and hydro-statically inspected every five years in North America.  You should also have your cylinders inspected if your tank is visibly damaged (warped, dinged, etc) after a fall or other such event.  

Before each use, you should look at your tank to ensure the valve-wheel turns easily (consider purchasing a safety valve handle that indicates red/green when the valve is open closed) isn't leaking, the o-ring is intact, also inspect for visible damage to the cylinder itself. 

We fill EAN 32% and Air.  Not EAN (Nitrox) certified yet?  We can complete your Nitrox Certification and there are NO dives required! 

Scuba Oxygen Tank


We sell many styles of high quality Bouyancy Control Devices including jacket, plate/wing, and back-inflate styles.   We service most brands and styles of BCD as well.

After each dive, you should rinse and flush the inside and outside of the BCD with fresh water.  Consider using BCD Cleaner to kill all the micro-organisms in the lake/sea water you were diving.   Check the low pressure inflate junction to ensure the threads are intact, and the rubber gasket is undamaged.  You should also check to ensure the weight pocket quick release snaps and all releases on the BCD are undamaged.  Finally, check all dump valves to ensure they are working and not clogged with debris.

Most manufacturers recommend BCDs be inspected annually or after any lengthy period of storage or non-use.

Our professional team can inspect and repair this important piece of dive gear to keep you safe, and maximize your diving enjoyment.  Regular inspections can also increase the longevity of your investment.

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